Casey Smedley CT
Master's Level Counselor in Training
Adolescents , Adults, LGBTQ

Despite wanting something different, you find yourself stuck in the same patterns and routines. This could be with your career, relationships or life in general. Depression, anxiety, fear and shame are some of the potential barriers that might be keeping you from moving forward in your life. Change can be frightening, but it can also be energizing. Finding your authentic self can provide you insight and give you a sense of power that propels you towards new and exciting experiences. 

I bring a kind, empathetic, humorous and honest nature to my work. My approach starts with creating a safe, open and non-shaming environment. One where you feel heard, understood and supported. Together we will develop an authentic connection that enables us to examine deeper issues and bring an awareness to the potential source of dissatisfaction. 

I believe that as human beings we are all driven by our innate desire to be seen and understood. Therapy and finding the right therapist can be truly transformative. I work with the LGBTQIA community, those in the entertainment industry and a variety of others. Reach out and schedule a free phone consultation to see if we're a good match.

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